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Landmark SCRA CaseCourtroom DramaTrue War StoryReal Life SuspenseThis case effects the rights of all the men and women serving in our military

  • Groundbreaking congressional amendments to the laws that help all of the men and women serving in our military resulted from the case.

  • The case uncovered information that allowed the Department of Justice to obtain the largest SCRA settlement in its history.

  • First jury trial of its kind.

  • Anyone that supports the men and women serving in our military will want to read this book.

  • All lawyers should read this book and anyone that wants to be a lawyer needs to read this book.

  • Anyone who enjoys a real life suspense filled story that includes court room drama and war stories will want to read this book.

As Sgt. James Hurley fought for his country in Iraq, one of the world’s largest lenders and their lawyers seized his home, and evicted his family. His home was to be protected by the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, from the principles established by Gen. George Washington and supported by every president since. However, it would take years of court action, and a trial that mirrored a John Grisham novel, to uncover a scheme that violated soldiers’ rights and federal law.

A Soldier’s Home, by Attorney Matthew R. Cooper, follows Sgt. Hurley from his tranquil life at home, his tour in Iraq, and a Federal Court lawsuit that would result in Congressional Amendments that benefit all servicemembers in the United States Military. Sgt. Hurley took on Deutsche Bank, Saxon Mortgage Company, and a Detroit foreclosure law office in a David vs. Goliath campaign that lasted seven years, and resulted in the first jury trial of its kind.


"When the United States of America sends our men and women overseas to serve our country shouldn't we back here at least be looking out for their homes?"

Matt Cooper on CBS News with Katie Couric


Matthew R. Cooper


Matt was nationally recognized for a case that he litigated for an Iraq War Veteran from Hartford, Michigan that protected the rights of all personnel serving in the United States Military. Matt effectuated amendments by Congress to the Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act, protecting the rights of men and women in the United States Armed Forces.

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Matt is co-founder of the SCRA Foundation which directly implements the necessary actions for the SCRA to be effective in its mission and purpose of helping our Servicemembers and their families in their role of defending our Nation.
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Matt is founder of the Armed Forces Foundation which directly provides assistance to veterans.
For more information, visit USArmedForcesFoundation

"A soldier, while serving for the United States of America, should have the protections that allow them to concentrate and focus on their war effort."


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